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We stand for experience and tradition


Everything started in the year 1910, when mine director Wilhelm Hinselmann founded the comapany „Gebrüder Hinselmann“ together with his brothers. Wilhelm Hinselmann invented several mining machines and also the well-known „Schüttelrutsche“ (oscillating conveyor).This important patent he handed over to his son in law Wilhelm Braun.


Wilhelm Braun founded the company „Halbach und Braun OHG“ together with his friend Hermann Halbach. The head office was located in Wuppertal. Since 1920 Halbach & Braun is listed in the register of companies and a new era began. From this day on the Family Braun addressed thereself to progress in mining technology.


In the 1950’s Wilhelm Braun’s twin sons enlarged the original company to the companies „Halbach & Braun Industrieanlagen GmbH & Co. “ and „Halbach & Braun Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.“. Dipl. Ing. Ernst Braun und Dipl. Ing Gert Braun continued the success story of Halbach & Braun chain conveyors and several patented new developments. The best known product developments are the Single Chain Conveyor, the Roller Curve and the Cross Frame, which was presented on the trade fair in Birmingham 1975 the first time. Coal ploughs and crusher plants completed the product range.


Halbach & Braun also began to break into international markets and in the year 1978 the first expansion abroad took place. Close cooperation with customers and flexible engineering of individual solutions allowed a worldwide expansion. H&B offices in the USA, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, France and Great Britain ensured the immediate contact of international customers. Soon the H&B team reached the number of 300 persons and the company moved over to another district of Wuppertal together with their own steel production.


Dipl. Ing. Eberhard Braun and Dr. Dietrich Braun, the founder’s grandsons took over in the year 1991 and intensified the activities of Halbach & Braun in the CIS-states and China and enlarged strategic alliances.


In the year 1995 the fusion with a big concern turned out to be a dead-end project for Halbach & Braun.


Since end of 90's the Halbach & Braun Group is active alone again and is led by the managing directors and owner Dipl. Ing. Eberhard Braun und Dr. Dietrich Braun in the third generation. Dipl. Ök. Hans-Joachim Bluhm and Dipl. Ing. Friedhelm Kempers supported them during the comeback but both passed away far too early.
The international demand grew and Halbach & Braun invented new products like Double Life Pan and Shark Sprocket. The company grew fast and in the year 2010 H&B moved over from Sprockhövel into their new building in Hattingen. From 2010 until 2015 the number of employees is doubled and meanwhile the familiy Braun’s fourth generation is an active part of H&B.


To the begin of 2015 the steep production moved over from Bochum to the neighbourhood in Hattingen and completed the H&B head office.

In the Year 2020 Halbach & Braun will celebrate their 100 anniversary.